Get in touch with your emotions

Mood-Log is an app designed to help you keep track of your emotions as they change throughout the day and from day to day. You do this by creating new Mood-Log entries, recording any emotions you are currently experiencing and logging other information about yourself. You can use Mood-Log as a journal to keep track of events in your life and watch for connections between your daily life and the emotions you experience. A summary page and charts show you what’s happening over time. You can send email reports from within Mood-Log and you can set reminders that will prompt you to create a Mood-Log entry at different times in the day.

Testimonial from the App Store:

I am a psychotherapist and use this app with my teenage clients and find it to be incredibly helpful. The app generally has a great concept. It's 2017, so all my clients are on their phones constantly anyway, why not use their phone for something that increases self understanding? I like how you can adjust the amount of feelings to choose from and that there are faces paired with each emotion- it helps build understanding of that feeling within the unsocial. I have them get notifications 3x/day (morning, noon, evening). They are learning to see how moods shift throughout the day, every day, and which times are the easiest/most challenging for them. They are building so much insight and awareness and it's almost effortless!