For any bird observation, you can correct the location, count, date, time and even year of the entry. You can also change a 'heard' observation to a 'seen' observation and vice versa. Below are steps for changing each of these options.

Fixing the Location

  1. In your checklist, tap on the bird whose location you wish to adjust
  2. Tap on the location information below the Notes section (you can tap on either the map icon or the latitude/longitude text) to bring up a full-screen map
  3. On the map, you'll see a pin for each time you've observed that species. Tap on the pin that shows the location for the observation you wish to change
  4. You should now see an annotation appear above the pin
  5. Place your finger down on the pin and drag it to a new location. You can zoom out the map if you’re moving the pin a larger distance, then zoom back in for finer placement
  6. 5) Repeat for any other observations you wish to adjust
  7. 6) Once the pin is in a place you like, tap “Close” and the new locations will be remembered
Note: If you tap on the map icon at the bottom of your checklist, you can use this same technique to move any of the pins for your list. Just tap on a pin, then place your finger down and drag to the desired location. This can be useful when many pins are overlapping and you want to spread them out a little for readability.

Observation Records

Every time you tap the 'Seen' or 'Heard' button for a bird, Birdathon intelligently creates observation records as needed. For example, if you tapped on the "Seen" button five times, an observation record with a count of 5 will be created. If you later tap twice more, a new observation record will be created with a count of 2. Every group of taps is counted as a single observation record when possible.
Sometimes Observation Records don't exactly match what you want to record. These records can easily be fixed at any time, or if you want, you can delete individual Observation Records by swiping to the left and tapping 'Delete.' Below are instructions for fixing records.

Changing Location

You can correct locations on a per-observation basis with these steps:
  1. In your list, tap on the bird whose locations you’re adjusting
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see “Observation Records”
  3. Tap on an observation record
  4. You should now see a map as well as fields for fixing the count and date & time of the observation
  5. Tap on the pin on the map and then place your finger on the pin and drag it to the desired location. You can zoom out the map if you’re moving the pin a larger distance, then zoom back in for finer placement

Changing from Heard to Seen

For individual bird observation records, you can change from Heard to Seen, or Seen to Heard by tapping the blue icon in the upper left corner. Every time you tap it toggles between a checkmark (Seen) and a note (Heard).

Changing the Count

To adjust the count of an observation, scroll the Count picker up or down to increase or decrease the count for that observation, or just tap in the text field and type the number observed.  Note: on some smaller phones you may need to scroll down to see the Count picker.

Negative counts? Occasionally, you will see an observation record whose count is a negative number (e.g. -5). This happens when you use the Count picker in the Detail View (not in an individual Observation Record) to reduce the number of birds seen. Since the overall Count picker can't know which observation you're reducing, it simply adds a "negative" sighting. Usually it's better to go into a specific Observation Record and fix the count there. You can always delete negative entries later and adjust the other Observation Records to more accurately record your sightings.

Changing the Date

Each observation record has an associated date. You can change the date and time using the "Date and Time Observed" picker, which is below the Count picker. You may have to scroll the view to see it. If you scroll further down, you'll also see a "Year Observed" picker where you can change the year.