Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society's Spring Birdathon 2019

This year, I am participating in multiple birdathon fundraisers for the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society (SCVAS). If you’re interested in participating, I’m leading a team of beginning-to-expert birders Sunday April 14th for a 4-hour “Big Day” where we try to identify as many species as possible from 8am to Noon. We are the Wandering Kestrels, so sign up and join us if you want to have some birding fun! I’m also joining Team Sharpies for their 24-hour expert-level birdathon, and Ginger & I are doing our own 24-hour birdathon as usual, under the name The Piratical Flycatchers. If you would just like to support SCVAS, consider donating to any of the teams above.

Happy birding,

~Barry Langdon-Lassagne