Birdathon 1.2.1

No sooner had we released Birdathon 1.2 with all it's great content, when the ABA released a v8.0.4 update to their checklist. We have just released Birdathon 1.2.1, which includes the new ABA checklist as well as a few other tidbits:

  • You can now edit the creation date for your checklists. If you are entering old checklists into Birdathon, this can be useful for ordering them by their original date
  • We've added a few new color themes to help you distinguish your checklists (and because they're fun). Two are shades of gray, there's a nice teal and an indigo theme and one more "dark" theme for using at night
  • When sorting your lists by Type, there's now an index along the right for easy access to each category. This becomes useful when you have a lot of lists

And lastly, here are a few notes on how to edit your checklists any time you want to add, remove or change birds.